Making a Bow

Most florists make bows in their sleep. These instructions will help people to make a bow the easy way.

The picture below is of a piece of form core. Foam core is used by frame shops to hold pictures into frames. The piece you will need is around 5" to 12 ". Most frame shops have scrapes of form core this size and will sell for pennies.

Just take the form core piece and cut a slice into the form with any sharp knife. Make the cut in the shape of a tiny V in order to give room to insert ribbon. Keep it small enough to hold ribbon.

Next, the first two loops, will determine the width of your bow. In this picture, we have used a very inexpensive satin ribbon. One side is flat, the other shinny. You will want to twist your ribbon before sliding a piece down into the form core in order to keep the shinny side out.

If you want your bow to have smaller loops in the middle, just make each loop smaller as you add ribbon into the form core.

When you have the amount of loops added, just slide the ribbon out with your thumb holding ribbon in the middle. Form core has a styrofoam center which won't hurt your ribbon.

Place your wire in the middle and fold to the back. Twist wire very tight.

This is where many people make their mistake with bows. The wire must be twisted very tight or the loops will move. If you need, use pliers and twist very tight.

After your wire has been added, you just move the loops into the shope desired.

This picture is to show how easy it is to change color and type of ribbon in each bow. Also, you do not always need to put loops on each side. Sometimes, you may want a different look in your bows. Also, you may want to use up scrapes of ribbon.

We have used simple bows like the above, to place down the middle of banquet tables. They gave extra color in between the bouquet of flowers.


































































































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