Before listening or reading, please know the Blood of Jesus and His Name is more powerful then anything evil men can do.

The following links are to Christian doctors who have found the HIV virus and other deadly items in the jabs and
the third and fourth links are to doctors who have protocols to help detox.

Karen Kingston


The following video proves the jabs create the varients.


Dr. Botha Video and help with Detox

Dr Zandre Botha Post Vax Detox Protocol : Knowing The Truth

Dr Carrie Madej
Dr. Carrie Madej COV-19, DNA, Transhumanism, nanotech, wetware, hydro-gel (
Dr. Madej talks about using 1 cup Borax, 1 Cup Baking Soda, 1 Cup Epson Salt and 1 Cup Bentenite Clay mix and put into a warm bath. Then soak. Some use this to detox radiation.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz - She worked under Fauci and was imprisoned by Ob..a and Fauci for disclosing isolation of visuses in jabs and blood supply.
3.26.21 Scott McKay Powerful Interview With Dr. Judy Mikovitz (

Dr. Sheri Tenpenny - Health and Freedom Tour Tulsa
Doctor Sheri Tenpenny | Why Is Hydrogel, Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide and Lipid Nano-Technology Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines? (

Words of the Lord through Amanda Grace about jabs and patents.

In case you must go into a hospital, Dr. Brian Ardis has a paper you can download to protect you from the hospital protocol.
12.23.21 Patriot Streetfighter Roundtable w/ Dr. Bryan Ardis (

Download to directives Forms (

Healing Scriptures

5 Powerful Healing Scriptures Every Believer Should Know - The Healing Scriptures by Sid Roth