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How to Make a Casket Spray

Each casket saddle (container for oasis) has rubber pieces on the bottom. Be sure to attach these before you start, in order to keep your spray from sliding off the casket.

Place oasis into saddle and use 1/4" florist waterproof tape to secure the oasis to the saddle. Lines across the oasis below is example of where I put the tape.

Because of the amount of flowers in this bouquet, measure the roses by holding them on top of your arrangement as you work. This way, you will not lose oasis space needed to include all flowers. Just because all flowers aim towards the "X", does not mean every stem needs to go completely into the middle of the oasis.

Also, after all foliage and flowers have been inserted in the front and on the sides, fill in the back with foliage to cover oasis and saddle.

The example below shows a satin bow, inserted in the middle of the spray, at the top. I prefer to put in the bow right before the final flowers and insert flowers around the ribbon.





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