After loosing family and friends, I was determined to find answers and as I found the research, I would put into folders on my computer. Now with the virus, and so many doctors confirming the same thing, I have decided to use this site to give links to pages that will show the studies.

ER Doctor says no risk to healthy people HERE

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD connects this virus to vaccines HERE Also her six videos with Dr. Mercola Here

The last flu shot causing lung damage HERE Many more individuals reported which are not listed.

Coronavirus Virus- 19 or COVID-19 Marian Laderoute, Ph.D. Medical Sciences - Immunology
Why vaccines won't work and why people who are taking statin drugs are more at risk HERE
This first link will confirm that coronavirus virus is a RNA virus and because this type of virus has a higher rate of mutation, they are more error prone during replication than DNA viruses. In other words, vaccines would not be a good choice because as soon as it is developed the virus would mutate. Also, her paper totally agrees with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Professor, MIT whereas people on statins would have a hard time fighting the virus because the statin block cholesterol production which inhibits the protective action by the body.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Video on Statin Drugs HERE
I love all of her work and especially how she is helping to bring children out of autism. Her home page for many informative papers Here One thing is for certain, GMO seeds have been proven to cause infirmity and our children's school lunches - also senior citizens meals are all GMO. Let's not forget to mention that the hospital food which goes directly into the body in ICU is also all GMO.

Dr. Ross Pelton, R. Ph.,Ph.D. CCN If you currently are on pharma drugs, his list of vitamins that are affected and vitamins reducted is HERE

When the dust clears, we will find that the fake news media caused more death because they refused to give merrit to the drug that worked. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Doctors sharing their results with hydroxychloroquine, antibiotic and zinc below:
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko HERE
Dr Anthony Cardillo HERE
Dr. Adam Splaver Cardiologist HERE
E.R. Doctor used on himself then recoved to take care of others Dr. Ed Dolch HERE
Doctors discover none of their patients taking the maleria drug hydroxychloroquine had the virus HERE
Dr. Jason Pogue, Professor of infectious diseases HERE
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. HERE
Doctors in Louisanna HERE
Long Island doctors HERE
Dr. Stephen Smith HERE

Dr. Eric Nepune, St. Louis, MO talks about hydroxychloroquine, zine and fake news. HERE

Dr. Jeffy Tennant, surgeon who developed catarac surgery explains that every cell in our body is a battery with zinc in the center. Our muscles are battery packs to go up into our mouths and each major organ goes to different teeth. HERE


Research papers on Glycans below and has to do with communication system of body and is the beginning of all good health. :
Glycanscience Paper 1 HERE
Glycoscience Paper 2 HERE
Glycoscience Paper 3 HERE

My family has gone through three years testing HERE Simplistic Article on Glycans HERE